Happy in Savasana

Dinner last night didn’t go exactly as planned.

My first attempt at making jam was a bust. I pulled the tomato jam out of the fridge and it was hard as a rock! I am not sure what I did wrong. Maybe I put it in the fridge too soon?

And both the grills on the property were out of gas, so the recipe was no longer grilled chicken, but baked chicken. It tasted alright, but would have been way better on the grill.

The run did go as planned. 40 minutes with Joe. I have run four days in a row now. I haven’t done that in a while! Injuries have caused me to avoid running several days in a row. So, today I plan to take the day off.

This morning I set my alarm for an 8 am Hot class at Y2. It was a great class. During Savasana, I felt elated. I seriously wanted to run out of the room jumping for joy and shouting at the top of my lungs. Has anyone else ever had these feelings after a yoga class? I felt a little crazy, but it must mean something good.

I came home ready for some overnight oats. Same mixture as the past couple of days but this time in a pretty mug. 🙂



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