Whatever Works

A run (35 minutes, ~ 4 miles), the climbing gym, and Pizza Peel (buffalo chicken salad) is just what I needed after my stressful morning yesterday. So far, things are going swimmingly today!

This morning, I woke up to more overnight oats, except in a bowl.

Oats, Greek yogurt, skim milk, flax seed, bananas, blueberries, peanut butter, and apple jelly.

I just finished a peanut-butter-and-banana-on-toast breakfast kick….and now I have moved on to overnight oats. Love the texture!

I completed some errands after breakfast and went to the Trader Joe’s to pick up some necessities for tonight’s dinner.

Smoked Paprika was on the list, along with chicken breast, coconut water, and veggie burgers. The last two on the list are NOT for dinner tonight. 😉

Have you smelled this stuff? It has an amazing smoky scent! I can’t wait to try it on our grilled chicken tonight!

I prepared the chicken to marinade before I headed out to a great yoga class at Y2.

Our instructor encouraged us to bring the mantra “whatever works” on the mat today. As in do the poses in whatever way works for you. Sometimes it’s not always about having the picture perfect yoga pose (or job, car, etc.) it’s about whatever works for you in that moment. Each day, each moment may bring something different, but it’s about what works for your body in that moment.

I love yoga. It teaches me so many wonderful things.

When I came home, I was hungry for lunch.


Trader Joe’s Veggie Burger on toast with (tons) of ketchup, blue corn and flax seed chips, and half a pink lady

The veggie burger totally hit the spot. I practically inhaled it. I love that each burger has 50% of your daily Vitamin A.

Now, I am off to make some tomato jam to go along with tonight’s dinner….I am on a roll!

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