PB & J in Every Way

This morning has been stressful and I am SO glad it is over. The unfortunate events caused me to skip my run this morning and my yoga class this afternoon. Usually I don’t skip exercise just because of stress, but this did not allow for that option. More details on that, later. For now, let’s get to the fun stuff.

Breakfast: Overnight oats in a peanut butter jar with oats (duh), greek yogurt, skim milk, flax seed, apple jelly, and blueberries. It was yummy!

Lunch was a NB&J Smoothie (Nut butter & Jelly!) I adapted this recipe with what I had, which was peanut butter and apple jelly. I have made this a few times now…SO GOOD!

As you can see, I am craving peanut butter and apple jelly in all forms!

It is only 2:30, I still have plenty of time to go for a run and have some fun at Inner Peaks Climbing Gym with Joe. We haven’t been to the climbing gym in a little while, so I am excited to go.

Enjoy the rest of your day!

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