Home, Sweet Home

Joe and I had a nice weekend visiting our hometown, Asheville. We hung out with friends and family, ate good food, saw Batman…ps. Does anyone else agree that Joesph Gordon-Levitt is going to one, sexy Robin?

We went on a long run together on Friday morning. We ran for 1 hour and the run was approximately 6-7 miles. The first 30 minutes was all uphill. It’s nice to get in some hill work though, since Charlotte is lacking in that area. The rest of the run was rolling hills. Overall, it was a good run. Not much to report about it.

I love visiting friends and family and the most beloved town in NC, but I am glad that I am home and back into the routine.

I already have breakfast brewin’ in the fridge…

I am finishing my weekend with a relaxing, hot yoga class at Y2. Enjoy the rest of your Sunday Evening!

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