Yoga Cravings

I know you need to let your body rest, but I am seriously craving some hot yoga today!

Annnnyways, last night Joe and I went to Pizza Peel instead of grilling steaks. It was raining and we got lazy. Pizza Peel never disappoints. I tried their roasted veggie pizza (broccoli + sundried tomatoes + eggplant puree + cheese = yumm!)

We went on a evening run too. We ran about 25 minutes at a relatively quick pace. Whenever Joe and I run together it is always at a faster pace than I want to run, but that just means it something that I should do. Either way, he’s a good running partner.

This morning, I ate a small breakfast cookie before I went out on a run.

They are full of good: carrots, apple, raisins, oats
Vegan, too.

I went on a 37 minute 35 second run. 20 minutes out and 17 minutes and 35 seconds back. That’s a negative split! Haven’t seen that in a few weeks. I have decided to focus less on running workouts and more on just getting some longer runs in to build up my endurance. I am going to just run whenever I feel running for however long I feel like putting one foot in front of the other. A “no plan” plan, if you will.

Lunch was pure comfort:

Grilled Cheese with tomatoes and blueberries and mango.
PS – Frozen fruit is super refreshing on a hot day!

While I wrote this post, I decided to give into my craving and go to yoga today.

Have a Tubular Tuesday!

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