Corn Hole Champions

Good Morning! This morning Joe and I went on a 8 mile run at Crowders Mountain State Park. I woke up at 6:30 and had this pre-run breakfast:

Whole Wheat Pancakes with bananas and PB smeared on top and a small glass of skim milk.

Since I am running for more than an hour, I decided breakfast would do me good.

I was excited to do a long trail run. They are hard to come by in Charlotte. Joe was not as excited as I was. It was hard to wake him up and we didn’t get going until 8:45.

The run was hot but mostly in the shade. We ran 8 miles on very hilly and rocky terrain. Sometimes there was so many rocks we had to stop and walk over them. It took us 1 hour and 25 minutes. The miles were slow but exhausting. I was still happy to be out on the trails.    Since moving to Charlotte, I have done more sidewalk running than I have ever done before. I am getting use to it but I do miss having Pisgah National Forest in my backyard! I was a spoiled runner.

Now for a very special announcement: Joe and I are Inner Peaks Corn Hole Champions!

Last night, Inner Peaks had a Members Party. The parties usually have some sort of competition and lots of prizes. This time it was a Corn Hole competition.

What is so ironic about our winning is that before we arrived to the gym Joe was rushing me to leave saying, “We got to go! We are going to be late and they will forfeit us from the competition!”
“We aren’t going to win…” I said.
Little did I know…

We won 2 camping chairs and 2 squeeze ball things that strengthen your forearms. I also won a chalk bag and chalk from a random drawing. It was a very exciting night!

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