Running and Hot Yoga

Yesterday, I drove to Asheville for a doctor’s appointment (that ended up just being rescheduled! Darn insurance companies). So, I pretty much just ate lunch with my mom and drove back to Charlotte.

Lunch was Panera:

Greek Salad and Vegetable Soup (I ate the apple later with peanut butter as a snack!)

By the time I got home, I was ready for a nap (driving makes me sleepy!). I had to wake up for the evening group run with Noda Brewing Co. We ran 4.6 miles in 39 minutes. The run felt really good. Joe and I chatted almost the entire time. It was fun!

We got home around 8 and I made myself a basic turkey sandwich with tomato and mustard for dinner. I couldn’t stomach much of anything else after the run.

This morning I went for a run on my own at 8:30. I ran about 5 miles in 45 minutes. This run felt much more exhausting than the run last night. I want to start logging some more miles to build up my endurance. I can run long distances but I am dragging my legs by the end of them.

I didn’t eat breakfast until 10:

I baked some more banana muffins and added some peanut butter into the batter. These are so good! They are moist and only slightly sweet (only 1/4 cup brown sugar). I ate one along with this:

 Skim milk, chocolate coconut water, and chocolate whey protein.

I did some chores around the house then headed to Y2 Yoga Studio for a Power Mixed hot yoga class.

The class was great and HOT. I was sweating all over my mat and slipping every where! Next time, I will not be a total noob and be the only one without a towel.

I was ready for lunch by the time I got home. I wanted something fresh and light:

Bruschetta hit the spot.

I also downed a small class of coconut water (I needed electrolytes!) and nibbled on half of a Luna bar.

Tonight Joe and I are going to the climbing gym and hopefully grilling up some hot dogs if it doesn’t rain!

Have a great day!

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