Loungin’ Around

After my 6 mile run, I spent the rest of Sunday morning relaxing and drinking water (it seemed like I couldn’t get enough!).

I took a nap (best way to spend a Sunday morning) and Joe woke me up for lunch. We planned to ride our bikes to Crisp for lunch but we realized we don’t have the bike pump for our tires. It was left at my parents house during the move. Instead, we drove (lame).

But I did get a buffalo chicken wrap (not lame).

I ate half and am going to give the rest to Joe for lunch tomorrow. After lunch, our friend Amanda came over to check out the new apartment.

After a few hours of chit chat about (mostly) jobs and dogs, we decided Ben and Jerry’s would be a good idea. I tried the Coffee Buzz ice cream. It was very good, but not my favorite.

Amanda parted us and more relaxing commenced until dinner time.

Stuffed Shells made by my mom. Thanks, mom!

 Now time for more loungin’ and Entourage watchin’.

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