This morning I set my alarm at 5:15, got dressed, grabbed my yoga mat and headed to Moga, a yoga studio that focuses on deep stretches to improve mobility, recovery, and quality of life. 

I barely made it to the 6 am class. I could not find their building. Thank god I had my phone and they happened to post a picture on twitter of their view from the new studio and it led me in the right direction.

I probably looked like the opposite of a calm yogini as I ran into the studio huffing and puffing but the class quickly helped me to relax and enjoy an hour of deep stretching.

I really enjoyed the pace of the class. Some of the poses were very intense and we held them for long periods of time. It was just what my body needed after a race.

At the end of class, the instructor gave us a shot of coconut water. Love that!

I will definitely be going back.

When I got home I made myself a Green Monster Smoothie with chocolate protein powder, spinach, skim milk, and half a frozen banana.

The frozen banana is key! It makes the smoothie thicker and much more delicious!

At 5:30, Joe and I went on a 3 mile “recovery” run. This was probably one of the most miserable runs I have had in a while. It was way too hot to be running and my legs were very sore, probably from yoga and the race yesterday. The three miles dragged on in the heat. I was wiped out. Then, we went to the climbing gym and caught up with our friends while we climbed. It was a fun evening!

Tomorrow’s Friday! Whee!

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