Breeze or Bricks?

Sorry I have been MIA the past couple days. I have been super busy with packing and moving! I am IN LOVE with the new apartment.



There are still some things that need to be done (like, something needs to go above that couch) but I have been loving living here so far.

AND I can not thank our parents enough. They helped us out tremendously in this whole process. Joe and I are very lucky to have such supportive parents.

Last night was the first night we slept over in the new place and this morning I woke up at 5!! FIVE! New home jitters, maybe?

I went on a short twenty minute run in the surrounding area, just trying to figure out where I feel comfortable running. There are lots of beautiful neighborhoods surrounding me so I am sure I will have plenty of options.

Then, breakfast on the balcony:

Grapes, Hard boiled Egg, and Smoked Salmon and Cream Cheese on toast (a treat!)

Followed by grocery shopping and picking up our numbers and shirts for the 4 miler tomorrow!

I can’t wait to give you guys a race recap!

I am a little nervous because I do want to do well, but I want to have fun also and not stress about it. All I can do is run my hardest. Hard for me tomorrow could be above or below 30 minutes. That’s the beauty of running. One run that feels like a breeze one day can feel like a ton o’ bricks the next. We will just have to see what happens!

 Have a Happy 4th!

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