Don’t Worry, Run Happy

The green way parking lot was packed this morning at 7:30! Looks like everyone is trying to beat the heat.

I did a short workout today. One mile warm up, 2 x 800 meter repeats @ 3:25, and a one mile cool down. I just wanted to give my legs one last speed workout before the 4 miler on July 4.

The first repeat I finished at 3:21 and the second 3:17.

It was nice to be done with a workout so soon!

Despite that it is warming up very quickly outside, I was craving a warm bowl of oatmeal when I came home. I put a dollop of peanut butter on top. It definitely hit the spot.

Yesterday I took a body pump class. I think I am starting to become obsessed with Body Pump. I LOVE it! I think it is because I am starting to see results from it. I can start adding more weight for squats and lunges – everywhere else is still pretty weak! I am going to miss the instructors at the Gold’s gym, even though I only took a class with them a couple of times! They were fun!

When Joe came home from work yesterday we headed over to Run For Your Life so Joe could get new running shoes with the gift card I gave him for his birthday. Joe runs a couple times a week with me but has never had a good, solid pair of running shoes. (I think the ones he uses now are from high school?!)

So colorful!

Famous Feet!

During Joe’s running shoe fitting, the salesman told us that Joe over pronates, which is most likely the cause of his frequent shin pain. He tried on Adidas, Aasics, Mizuno’s and Brooks. And the winner was…

Brooks! (Duh!)
(I am a little biased though.)

He said he like them because they fit a bit more snug (in a good way) around his feet.

What kind of running shoes do you wear? Have you ever run barefoot?

4 responses to “Don’t Worry, Run Happy

  1. Aw shucks, Saucony didn’t make the cut!? Ha, i’m a saucony guy…. had a pair of brooks awhile back, but ended up switching over. 🙂 Good luck on the 4th!

  2. Nike Free’s for me, Brooks for trail shoes. I ran barefoot a few times last summer and loved it. It was like being a kid again. I also have a pair of Vibram Five Fingers to run in, but don’t want to injure myself while I’m training, so I sometimes walk the dogs in them.

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