Joe’s 23rd

Good Morning and Happy Friday! Sorry I was unable to post yesterday (no internet!) but here are a few pictures documenting the past couple days.

Dressing up for Joe’s 23rd.

Falling in love with this bed at Crate and Barrel. I love the earthy stuff.

Joe daydreaming about making our future dining room table. 🙂

Sushi on Joe’s birthday (I ate octopus!)

Strawberry Milkshakes after Sushi. These babies didn’t last long.

I bought Joe a gift card for the local running store in Charlotte, Run For Your Life. He will be decked out in fancy running gear for the 4 miler on Wednesday!

Yesterday, I went on an easy three mile run and climbing at the climbing gym. Lately, I have been drinking a whole lot of these…

Green monster smoothie. Almond milk, ton’s o’ spinach, and chocolate protein powder. This literally tasted like a chocolate donut. No lie!

Enjoy the rest of your Friday!

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