From “Ouch” to “Ahhh”

Yesterday I ran 4 miles at 5:30. (That’s the time…not the pace. Oh, how I wish it was the pace!)

It was a scorcher!

I usually don’t wait to run in the evenings to avoid the heat but I wanted to run in a park near the climbing gym to give my legs a chance to run on softer ground. It was worth it.

When I crawled into bed last night my bum was already super sore from body pump. As much as I want to complain I am also very excited to have such a sore bum. It is bikini season, ya know. 😉

This morning I woke up at 6:30 and ate some TJ’s cinnamon raisin bread with peanut butter.


No banana because we are out. I am pretty much out of everything but I am avoiding going to the store because we have less than a week left of living in this apartment. Lots of scrounging will be going on.

I went to a yoga class at 10:30 at Gold’s gym. It was a more of a long, slow, deep class than some of the others I have been to, which I really needed. My favorite pose we did in class today was Frog Pose. We held this pose for a while. I was fighting the pose in the beginning, stiff and unwilling to let go. Once I finally took a deep breath and just let the muscles in my groin soften the pose felt really GOOD. Jen over at Peanut Butter Runner gives a great demonstration on how to do the pose.

On the radar for today is more packing for the BIG MOVE!! 6 DAYS!!

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