Weekend Flash

This morning I am a bit stressed…I got in my car to go on a run this morning, turned the key…Nothing. My car is completely dead. Nothing turns on. No lights. The automatic key to unlock/lock the doors do not even work. Why do things like this have to happen a week before Joe and I move into our new apartment?

I got that off my chest. Moving on.

On Friday, I ran 6.5 miles before my mom came to visit me. I finished in just under an hour (59:42). This was not one of my best long runs lately. The first 3 miles my stomach was hurting and I felt a bit nauseated. I am not sure if this was from dehydration or not letting my food digest long enough but I was close to turning around early. Fortunately, after the first 3 miles my stomach settled and I was able to finish the run. I was able to pick up the pace slightly but I still felt like I was running really slow. This week I am taking a break from longer runs.

My mom and I had a nice visit. We roamed around Ikea looking at things for the new apartment. Later, Joe and I spent the evening with our friends.

Saturday was a celebration for Joe’s birthday. We went rock climbing with a few of our friends near Blowing Rock, ate Supreme Monster Brownies, and celebrated with drinks at Ri Ra’s in Charlotte. It was a really fun night. Joe’s actual birthday is this coming Wednesday and I have a special evening planned for us. 🙂

Since, I wasn’t the best at documenting my weekend. I did take one silly picture of Joe while we were goofing around in REI on Friday night…

Snug as a bug!

When Joe gets home from work, I am hoping we can figure out what is wrong with the car, run, and maybe pick out a tv stand at Ikea! I will update later!

Have a wonderful Sunday!

2 responses to “Weekend Flash

  1. I’m trying to get into running so it’s great hearing all of your stories… definitely helps with the motivation! Sorry about your car… hope you can revive it!

    • Hi Erin! Thanks for reading! Keep up with the running…I promise it gets easier!
      Luckily, I was able to revive my car…it was the battery. It was a bit stressful but I am glad it wasn’t something worse!

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