Supreme Monster Brownies

Yes, that’s the words “supreme” and “monster” describing brownies.

Nothing wimpy about ’em.

In preparation for Joe’s 23rd birthday, I headed to Target with the plan of making a giant cookie cake or cupcakes. After much deliberation (I was there for an hour…), I came home with this:

Cookie Brownie Batter. Mini Marshmallows. M & Ms.

Now, I am usually a “bake from scratch” kind of girl, but considering we are traveling to Boone for a climbing trip on Saturday morning, then driving back to Charlotte Saturday evening for a night out on the town, I decided the easier and more portable the better.

I followed the instructions on the package but added my own special touch (read: marshmallows and m&ms).



Caramelized Marshmallows on top and little, hidden M&M surprises.

 Luckily, I did go on an easy 3 mile run today. That cancels out all the batter I ate, right?

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