Road vs. Trail

This past weekend I only ran once.  I ran 7 miles on Saturday morning on a dirt trail.  I prefer running on trails.  I have a few friends who prefer to run on roads because you “won’t trip on any roots/rocks and your times are usually faster.”


I think trail running is 2,384,973,287 times better than road running.  Trails are usually in the SHADE (crucial in the south) and just way more fun (because you could trip on a root/rock).  And I have a simple answer to the “slow times” on trails — RUN FASTER.

On Saturday while I was running I came across some horses.  (An experience that would not usually happen on the road.)  I would stop, pet them, and walk by so I wouldn’t scare them.  All of the horses were so beautiful and sweet.

Petting horses > Fast 7 mile run

Which do you prefer, road running or trail running?

After an interview this morning, I did some body pump and went on a three mile “comfortably fast” run.  I am glad that my easy runs are starting to feel easier and easier.  I finished the 3 miles in 24 minutes, each mile was faster and faster.

Mile 1 = 8:47
Mile 2 = 8:07
Mile 3 = 7:03

I was breathing hard but I definitely had more left in me at the end of the run.

Tonight is Monday night, which means climbing gym and pizza at Pizza Peel!

Happy Running!

2 responses to “Road vs. Trail

  1. I prefer trail running. Being in The South I find it cooler and less impact then road running. I also find that it is a better workout on the trails more challenging.

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