The Plan

Yesterday, I made a lot of decisions on a whim:

Running and Yoga.

I wasn’t going to do either of them actually.  I was planning on doing Body Pump, which I didn’t do at all.

I ran 3 miles and went to a 2 hour Yoga class just because that is what I felt like doing.  Sometimes, it’s fun to toss “the plan” out the window. I don’t do it often, because I ❤ to plan things. Seriously, I plan EVERYTHING — workouts, what I am going to eat, what I am going to wear, what I am going to do on the week days, weekends, and vacations.

Anywho, I didn’t follow the plan and it felt great.  My legs felt tired from the workout the other day but Yoga felt AMAZING. Way better than two weeks ago.

Today, I tried something new and went to a new Cross fit gym that will be very close to my new apartment in South Charlotte.  I am moving on July 2nd!!

New and Sparkly!

I did their e3 strength and endurance class, which is very similar to Cross fit but without scores.  Jen from Peanut Butter Runner taught the class.  She is sweet and was very motivating during the workout. Thanks, Jen!

The workout was tough!  It was only 17 minutes long but definitely intense.  We did a workout called “Gone in 60 Seconds,” which is 1 minute intervals of box jumps, kettle bell squats, burpees, pushups/tricep dips, and cardio on the rowing machine.  We did this circuit 3 times.  Afterwards, we used a foam roller on our quads and hamstrings.

Cross fit is definitely different from anything I have done before.  It’s nice that it is always a different workout but I do love body pump! I may consider doing cross fit instead of body pump, or maybe a mixture of both…

What do you prefer Cross Fit or Body Pump?

I am craving a run!


3 responses to “The Plan

  1. I’m a planner, too, and it IS fun to sometimes throw caution to the wind and do a different workout. I started doing yoga again six months ago and it has made a tremendous difference in my running. I’ve been talking about it so much I have all my running friends now doing yoga–and everyone swears by it, too! I’ve never done cross fit or body pump, but I did start doing core and strength exercises. All I can say is: UGH!

    • I have always been on and off with yoga. I will get on a yoga kick for a few months and do it all the time and then I will fade out. How has yoga improved your running? Less injury prone? I am just curious because if it will improve my running – I’m in! 🙂
      PS – I just checked out your blog. It’s awesome that you are going to run an ultra. You go girl!

  2. Thanks! Yes, yoga has made me stronger and more fluid on my runs, and it helps with recovery after a long or challenging run. I have a lot less soreness the next day when I do some gentle yoga after a run. I mostly use a Rodney Yee DVD called A.M. Yoga for Your Week which has five easy 20 min sessions, each targeting a different area. My favorites are the Forward Bends (good for hamstrings) and Hip Openers segments, and the Back Bends segment is great for the core. You should definitely try some yoga. At the very least, you’ll feel so much more relaxed.

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