Mind Games

Remember my post about Iron?  Well, I had blood work done yesterday and I will soon find out if I have enough!  I have been feeling good lately and not as tired so I think the results should come back positive.

After my doctor’s appointment, I ran ~ 1 mile to the track behind my parent’s house and ran 3 x 800 meter repeats.  The goal pace was 3:26 for each repeat with 400 meter jogs in between.

Isn’t the view lovely?

I hit 3:26 exactly for the first 800.  Right after I crossed the finish line I ran to the bathroom.  Running always makes things move quickly.
Then, I jogged 400 meters and started my second repeat.  I felt like I was really pushing it this 800 and crossed the finish at 3:22.  This time I felt queasy and walked the 400 meter “jog.”
Before I even started the last 800 repeat, I told myself I wouldn’t be able to run another 3:22…maybe not even a 3:26.  I felt so tired and still a little queasy.  I ran the first lap very slow (I think the slowest out of all of them) and felt myself begin to really fall behind in the second lap.  Then, I thought of a quote in a book I have been reading by Kara Goucher.  I can’t remember the exact words but it goes a little something like this:

Am I going to let the pain beat me or am I going to beat the pain?

Okay, that’s not it at all.  I kind of made up that quote but that is the idea she is trying to get across.  So, I asked myself that in the last 200 meters.

No! I am going to beat the pain!
I replied…to myself

Take that, Pain!

I sprinted to the finish and crossed at 3:27.  No, I didn’t hit 3:26 but I was pretty damn close.  🙂

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