Monday Nights

Yesterday I wasn’t feeling great.  I think it had to do with staying up late and indulging in too much sugar on Saturday night, but the whole day I felt icky.

This morning, I felt much better after sleeping for ten hours last night.

I went on an easy 3 mile run at 8 am.

Mile 1= 9:04
Mile 2= 8:44
Mile 3 = 8:13

Total = 26:03
Afterwards, I stretched and did 40 calf raises, 35 squats, 40 lunges, 20 push ups, and 100 crunches.

Later on, Joe and I went to the climbing gym and then met our friends for pizza at a restaurant called Pizza Peel.  It’s a Monday night ritual for us and I look forward to it every week.

Tonight, I had pizza with tomatoes and basil (“heavy on the basil”).

It is time for bed!  I have been feeling exhausted lately!
PS – Sorry for the short post without pictures! 😦

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