Memory Lane

This morning I woke up very sore.  Does anybody else love this feeling?  I love it because it shows me that I pushed my limits.  Body pump was a killer on my butt, biceps, back, and shoulders.  I didn’t run yesterday because I am trying my hardest not to injure my foot again – so far so good.

I spent most of my morning and early afternoon volunteering at a local school.  I was a proctor for the EOC’s.  Despite it being very boring, I got a little award and goody bag thanking me for going the “extra mile.”  How funny is that?

While I was proctoring I just kept thinking that I couldn’t wait to get out and go on a run today – being stuck in one room for several hours can do that to ya!

Tonight, I ran at a park I raced at many times in high school.  I love living so close to this park now because it brings back so many good memories…

The starting line – it’s about a 1/2 mile long straight way after that.  Our coach would always encourage us to get out fast so we wouldn’t get stuck behind in the pack.

About 1.5 miles in there was this short but steep hill.  It was the only hill on the course, which was nice because the lack of hills almost always led to a PR.

Right after the hill is a super steep down hill…it was kind of scary to race down!

The last 400 meters is around a small pond…

Then, through the geese and to the finish!
(I forgot to stop my watch at the finish but I think it was about 24-25 minutes)

I ran some of my best (PR’s!) and worst (strep throat) races on this course.  Today, I ran easy around the 5k course, but it felt harder than usual.  I wonder if it is because my arms are so sore.  I know your arms propel you a lot in running so sore arms could be the reason for my sluggishness.  Has anyone else had a difficult time running with sore arms?

Time to rest up for a long run tomorrow!


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