Body Pump at Home

Not feelin’ the gym?  I wasn’t feelin’ it this morning.  So, I decided to have my own Body Pump class at home and it was a lot of fun!

To prepare, pick ten of your favorite workout songs.  A few of the songs I picked were “Feel so close” by Calvin Harris, “Beverly Hills” by Weezer, and “Helena Beat” by Foster the People.

Next, grab some weights.  Don’t have weights?  Neither do I.

ImageA bag of rope is my weight.  (My boyfriend and I rock climb.)  So, if you don’t have weights just find something heavy.

Here is the sequence:


You can choose longer or shorter songs depending on what muscle groups you really want to focus on.  Working out to the beat of the song is super fun, maybe hold a squat during the chorus or pulse some shoulder presses when a song speeds up.  And for the warm up I just picked a song (“Dog Days” by Florence and the Machine) and danced around the room. 🙂

Happy Pumping!

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