Featured Runner: Ann Gaffigan

Thank you, Ann Gaffigan.

I recently downloaded the The Runner’s Cookbook onto my Nook and I am pretty sure it was one of the best purchases I have ever made.  It is filled with recipes by Olympic runners from breakfast to dessert.

The first recipe I made was Ann Gaffigan’s “Runner’s Scones.”  They are filled with wholesome ingredients that will keep you fueled for your runs, and did I mention that they taste delicious?


(I tried to take a decent picture of them but, let’s face it, they look like poop.)

That’s peanut butter, oats, whole wheat flour, protein powder, and flax meal all rolled into one nutritious little ball!

Besides Ann Gaffigan being an amazing cook she is also an extremely talented runner.  In 2004, she was the USA champion in the 3,000 meter steeplechase.  She set the then- American record of 9:39.35.

To me, if you run steeplechase you are automatically a badass runner.

I wonder if I keep eating these runner’s scones if I will be as fast as Ann…

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